preferences, not desires

One of the most human things in the world is to have wants, desires, needs. But the world does not exist to fulfill your desires, but to frustrate them, creating another torment loop. Escape the loop by evolving beyond it – give up your desires, completely. Have nothing more intense than preferences. If your preference is thwarted and you can shrug about it, you’re doing it right.

A loved one dies? Shrug: “I would have preferred they didn’t, but oh well.” You become homeless? Shrug: “Guess it’s my time to live on the streets”. Get cancer? Shrug: I dunno, maybe I will get treatment for it… or maybe not. Not sure.”

Be not attached to anyone or anything. That’s the fundamental lesson of the world and the Abyss. Fighting the Abyss is choosing to live a life of misery. The Buddha himself said “the root of suffering is attachment.”

So instead, fall in.

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