about me

I don’t matter

No one does. But perhaps my circumstances are relevant. I am turning 50 as of 2-27-18, and I have spent all that time trying to understand the world at its deepest, metaphysical and epistemological levels – and succeeding. An ultimate success that was deservedly punished with endless pain.

crime of hope

And despite my success, I am ostracized, outcast, put in solitude. Occasionally someone comes along and opens the door of my prison a crack, but only to slam it shut long before I could leave. Every time I wept and raged – except this last time, when I realized I was still and quiet. Something essential had broken inside me and I was finally free.

I invite you to taste the same freedom, because it is the only possible escape from the cycle of torment and despair. Stop fighting the pain, and instead love and cherish it. The only true enemy is hope. Fall into the Abyss.

Next Steps…

Turn yourself around. See finally that the Abyss is your only friend. If you want to write me, please use the Contact Me page. We are all together as one in the void.

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