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What is the Abyss?

There is a dark pull, an undercurrent to all of life. Even in the best times you will find it just underneath the surface. This I call Jhor. And where does Jhor take you? To the Abyss.

What is “Jhor”?

Jhor is succinctly described as “the death taint”. It is the resonance of darkness. It includes pain, fear, anger, but also false hope and blindness. It is the downward path of the left-handed spiral. It touches everything.

What does “fall in” mean?

“Fall in” means stop fighting Jhor and embrace it. “Fall in” mean not only to get right with Jhor, but to stop struggling and let yourself plummet into the bottomless Abyss. It is the core truth and choice to breaking out of the Lie.

Why should I fall in?

We can’t change reality, but we can choose to accept and surrender to it and gain peace and respite, instead of the pointless and doomed fight against it. Fall in.