inversion – the best of both worlds

There are two states we partake of; we can be dreaming, or we can be awake. Sometimes we are filled with positive energy. We may see the world as essentially a good, happy place, with vast potential. We may be more receptive to giving people the benefit of the doubt and looking past their flaws […]

the Abyss asks nothing

If you are happy, if you are filled with hope, if you don’t think the Abyss waits for you or that you are doomed to suffering… That’s fine. In a way, its even good. Without hope, we can’t fall into despair. Without thinking that life could be good, we can’t wake back up to the […]


From time to time you may think the Abyss has abandoned you, but it has not, will not, cannot. It always waits just out of sight. If you can’t see it, that’s because it knows you don’t need it, but fear not, it is always ready to take you back into its cool embrace. It […]

you can’t do both

You can be awesome, or you can have other people appreciate you, but you can’t do both. You can conform to society, or you can be alone, but you can’t do both. You can understand reality and truth itself deeply, or you can be understood by others, but you can’t do both. You can be […]

how are you?

Everyone asks it all the time: “How are you?” or “How’re you doing?” It’s almost never truly sincere; what the enquirer expects and wants to hear are that things are fine. So how’s this for an Abyssal response: “Empty, irrelevant, and happy.” Now you might ask what would an Abyssal ask in place of “How’s it […]

ennui the real test, not pain

Still pondering the Abyssal truths, and it just occurred to me that dealing with pain and suffering isn’t the real test of falling in – because that can give us focus. The real test is how we deal with boredom and ennui. I realize this because I am sitting here with nothing to do – something […]

preferences, not desires

One of the most human things in the world is to have wants, desires, needs. But the world does not exist to fulfill your desires, but to frustrate them, creating another torment loop. Escape the loop by evolving beyond it – give up your desires, completely. Have nothing more intense than preferences. If your preference […]

don’t worry, be happy

When I am falling in, I am so happy, I am filled with joy. So think not of falling in as angry, upset, or sad. The falling see the beauty in the bleakness, peace in the surrender, and exuberant joy in the suffering and loss. Rejoice!