the truth

inversion – the best of both worlds

There are two states we partake of; we can be dreaming, or we can be awake.

Sometimes we are filled with positive energy. We may see the world as essentially a good, happy place, with vast potential. We may be more receptive to giving people the benefit of the doubt and looking past their flaws to see their virtues. We feel upbeat and hopeful.

Ultimately though, we get a rude awakening and are brought back down to earth again, our happy balloon popped. Suddenly we can see the world as it really is, warts and all. Suddenly we see past the façade people wear into their shockingly dark and ignorant hearts. The skies we thought were blue turn out to be full of storm clouds ready to rain lightning viciously, without care. The scales have fallen from our eyes.

The first “happy” experience I call the Dream. Dreams can be pleasant, and there’s nothing wrong with having a happy, wonderful dream.

But inevitably one has to wake up and re-enter the real world, leaving the dream behind, and the shock of that transition is like plunging into ice-cold water. As unpleasant as the real world can be, crashing into it without warning from happily Dreaming just moments before can be not just disorienting but profoundly agonizing as one bridges the vast gulf between the two states.

Unless one Inverts. Unless one immediately turns an accidental fall into a chosen, conscious dive. Unless one embraces and actively chooses the fall.

I think the trick is this: the moment one awakes from the false Dream of happiness and is beginning to suffer, immediately reorient and re-embrace the Abyss. Instantly.

This is Inversion, and this is the “magic” wand that transmutes the pain and eliminates the suffering. If you can reframe your perception and will your abyssal nature back to the fore, in that moment you are not only awake, but untouchable. You have placed yourself beyond the world’s ability to use your attachments to cause you pain.

You are free.

Sooner or later you may fall asleep again and re-enter the Dream. You may be back in that false happy place – and that’s still fine. It’s not the happy dream that causes pain – it’s waking from it. So when the Dream ends, as it always does, just remember to immediately Invert – and you will skip the painful transition back to the real world.

Dream responsibly – always end each dream with an Inversion! Fall in!

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the truth

the Abyss asks nothing

If you are happy, if you are filled with hope, if you don’t think the Abyss waits for you or that you are doomed to suffering…

That’s fine.

In a way, its even good. Without hope, we can’t fall into despair. Without thinking that life could be good, we can’t wake back up to the earth shattering truth that life is pain. Without flying high, we cannot fall far and fast.

The Abyss doesn’t want us to give up hope. It doesn’t want anything. It doesn’t exist to tell us what to do. It just is.

Think of it this way: Sometimes we dream, and sometimes we wake. Dreams can be nice, but eventually we wake back up, and when we do, reality isn’t upset with us for having dreamed. It simply waits, never judging, always accepting.

The Abyss is like that. Experienced Abyssals are too. We’re not hoping that your period of happiness ends. If you can stay within that dream for as long as you can, excellent. Abyssals don’t want you to stop with the joy and start with the pain, necessarily – we just know that sooner or later you will wake up from that dream into the reality of the Abyss. It’s inevitable.

After all, how could the Abyss offer serenity and contentment if it did not always possess those qualities itself?

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the truth


From time to time you may think the Abyss has abandoned you, but it has not, will not, cannot. It always waits just out of sight. If you can’t see it, that’s because it knows you don’t need it, but fear not, it is always ready to take you back into its cool embrace. It will always have a home for you when you need it.

The love of the Abyss is truly absolute. Abandon the Abyss, it still comes back for you. It will always be there, until the last.

And when you are ready, it will show you the way and hold your hand as you go. The Abyss will never run out of emptiness to share. You too can be exquisitely empty.

Fall in.

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